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Behind the Scenes: Profile of Mika Tsuneyoshi Palchetti, Founder of M Beauté

Behind the Scenes: Profile of Mika Tsuneyoshi Palchetti, Founder of M Beauté

When I started Nino Beauty, one of the first people I called was my friend Mika Tsuneyoshi Palchetti, a Japanese beauty consultant and founder of M Beauté. M Beauté specializes in metabolic, antioxidant, and anti-aging solutions and is a leader in creating skincare products using bio-fermented vegan ingredients to improve skin.

Mika is behind two of our most popular products, LOQZIN Biome Gel and Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, and I am delighted to share her story with you.


Mika with Rikki & Dr. Bejit & Dr. Klotz

Mika with Rikki & Dr. Bejit & Dr. Klotz


Mika was born in Fukuoka on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu and grew up fascinated with the US and Europe and loved anything to do with beauty. She was excited to try Shiseido’s cosmetic line for teens when it was launched, but her skin was too sensitive, and she had an allergic reaction. Mika credits that early disappointment to her later determination to find ways to develop natural, hypoallergenic beauty products.  


After graduation, Mika debated whether to pursue her interest in cosmetics in the US or Europe. She started in New York where she worked for major cosmetics companies like Estee Lauder consulting on the Asian market. Her career took her to Europe, as well, and her subsequent work with smaller companies representing niche brands heightened her interest in the science behind the products. She came to realize the critical importance of the quality and the source of the raw ingredients.
Coming full circle, Mika returned to her roots in Japan and founded M Beauté, incorporating the essence of J-beauty which prizes using traditional natural ingredients with innovations derived from Japan’s cutting-edge scientific research.



Mika teamed up with a French scientist, Dr. Bejit Ideas, who was living in Tokyo. Dr. Ideas had done research on centenarians, including the Japanese Okinawan population, known for their longevity, and had discovered that they not only had good gut health, but also good, healthy skin. The secret behind M Beauté’s popular rejuvenating and moisturizing LOQZIN Biome Gel is the use of advanced fermentation technology to extract the bio-metabolites that help balance the skin’s flora.


LOQZIN is rich in Okinawan loquat or biwa, well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which keeps skin toned, healthy and refreshed and helps erase the impact that stress and age and environmental damage can cause on our skin.
Mika and Dr. Ideas teamed up again to formulate M Beauté’s popular diet supplement Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, using an advanced fermentation technology to balance the microbiome of the gut. Mika got the idea when she went to Mexico for professional conferences and heard everyone raving about BelAge. Although it was originally made as a health care preventative to address chronic health problems, such as diabetes and poor blood circulation, BelAge worked wonders for everyone – for energy, for hydration, and for good gut health. Mika started drinking BelAge and noticed a difference. Even her skin improved.



She decided to bring BelAge to Japan. M Beauté upgraded the product, adding microbiota-rich turmeric imported from Bhutan, purified extracts of olive and rosemary, and spirulina for color. Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is processed using an advanced fermentation technology to produce bioactive metabolites that bio-mimic and modulate the gut’s microbiota and production of serotonin.
Mika introduced me to Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge last year and knowing their expertise in microbiome technology and proven results with LOQZIN, I was eager to try. Not only did I feel more energized, I lost stubborn belly fat. 
In addition to ensuring that the ingredients in M Beauté’s products are organic sourced and of the highest quality, Mika is passionate about keeping her company green. By saying “no” to sodium lauryl sulfates in their formulae and using biodegradable packaging and recycled materials in all possible production elements, M Beauté has earned a reputation as an Earth-friendly leader in the industry.
Mika continues to look for ways to utilize fermentation technology to develop new products that address whole body self-care. We can’t wait to hear more.
In the meantime, please enjoy the benefits of LOQZIN Biome Gel and Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge.


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