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Rikki’s Story: Hello Stomach (Gut) Health and Goodbye Belly Fat!

Rikki’s Story: Hello Stomach (Gut) Health and Goodbye Belly Fat!

I’m Rikki, the CEO of Nino Beauty. Last week we introduced Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, a new dietary supplement from the makers of LOQZIN. Implementing the same microbiome technology, Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is a refreshing drink designed to increase your natural energy, improve your blood circulation, and strengthen your immune system.

I am delighted to share my experience with Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge so that you will understand why I’m so excited to include this fabulous supplement in our Nino Beauty collection.

I first tried BelAge last November when we were launching LOQZIN. Knowing their expertise in microbiome technology and proven results with LOQZIN, I was eager to try their new product. I know the vital importance of gut health, and I have an interest in the science of microbiome metabolites for the gut and stimulation of the mitochondria. But truth be told, I was also convinced that the energy burning mitochondria in BelAge would help reduce my midriff bulge. I exercise regularly, but I really wanted to tackle that belly fat.

I was given a box of Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge with a 27-day supply. Every day I would stir a little package of BelAge in a large glass of water or pour it into a 16 oz water bottle. It is easy to drink because BelAge is lemon lime flavored, sweet, but not too sweet, and super refreshing – with a taste kind of like a sports drink, but better. Based on my experience, for best results you really need to start by drinking a package every day for the full 27 days, not space them out.

Three weeks and one day later, I noticed that I was starting to get my waist back. I particularly noticed that the area between the edge of my bra and stomach was flatter. I still had some midriff bulge, but that was flatter, too. And, surprise – my legs were thinner, as well.

I didn’t see a big change on the scale, but clothes don’t lie. I was losing inches, not muscle. All of my clothes were looking better on me. I generally wear looser clothing, so it’s a little hard for others to notice, but I saw a big difference in how my clothes fit. I felt better, and I was looking better! Body Beautiful 21!

I wish I had taken a ‘before’ photo that showed my waistline, but clothes I haven’t been able to wear for the past few years and dresses with waistlines, I can wear now with no problem. And, not only that, I find that I am more energized throughout the day. I have better concentration, and my mind is clearer.

I was so impressed with Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge that I shared it with my staff, and they had similar experiences. Those who wanted to lose inches, did, and those who were more interested in gut health said that drinking BelAge for intestinal balance led to more balance overall – both in mind and body.

Please visit our website to learn more about the microbiome technology and the purified extracts of olive, rosemary, and turmeric that make Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge such a unique dietary supplement.

Feel more energized this summer and see the difference!

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