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What was behind the creation of Precious Protein+?

I am delighted to share this story. I am very proud of Precious Protein+ and very proud that it has been featured so prominently in Japanese beauty and fashion magazines. Its success and popularity come as no surprise.

It used to be that there were plenty of protein powders available for body builders and weight lifters in Japan, but nothing for women like me who were concerned about consuming enough protein and who wanted to stay healthy and fit. For women with busy lives who may or may not have time to go to the gym to work out, but know the importance of maintaining muscle tone.

I teamed up with a friend who owns and operates high-end esthetic salons and training facilities for weight control, and we embarked on creating a daily protein supplement for women that was nutritious, delicious, and low calorie. Working with a scientific team, we developed Precious Protein+ with all-natural ingredients that support balanced nutrition and help build muscle while keeping the skin radiant and firm.

Can you describe these key ingredients?

First of all, there is pea protein that works gently on the body.

We wanted to use a vegetable protein, not whey, and our options were soy or pea. Soy is a phytoestrogen so we eliminated it because of its potential to interfere with a woman’s hormone balance. When we were offered an organic pea protein, we went with that, even though it was the most expensive option. Organic pea protein is the most hypo-allergenic and the easiest to digest – perfect for Precious Protein+.

Another key ingredient is HMB that strengthens muscles.

Many of the articles that highlight the benefits of Precious Protein+ cite the addition of HMB to the formula. HMB is a substance formed naturally when the body breaks down the amino acid leucine, commonly used for strengthening muscles or preventing muscle breakdown. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the building blocks of muscle. Including HMB in the Precious Protein+ formula ensures that you are getting the protein equivalent of eating over a pound of steak without the calories! Providing enough protein in our supplement was important to us.

Polyphenim that breaks down and burns fat is also key.

Precious Protein+ also includes a very special polyphenol made from the stem and leaves of organic Miyazaki sweet potatoes, called polyphemin. This ingredient not only adds antioxidant protection to the body, but also complements the effect of the protein in weight control. As noted in our 2/11/21 Diet Success Story, Precious Protein+ helps to suppress one’s appetite. In addition, the polyphenol is great for energy boosting and brain alertness.

Last, but not least, there is elastin that gives your skin firmness.

Precious Protein+ is not just another protein powder drink. It’s the ‘plus’ of the Precious Protein+ that makes it unique. We considered total body care in formulating this supplement, and we added an elastin made from bonito fish for skin tightening and lifting. We understood that when you lose weight, the body often becomes flabby and the skin starts to sag. The elastin we added to the formula has shown to have an effect on the bust line, as well as the hips, and our clients noticed their faces feeling firmer and looking more toned.

The combination of the polyphenol and elastin also helps with joints and ligaments. This is especially important for when you are working out.

What is behind the ‘Precious’ in Precious Protein+?

I named our supplement Precious Protein+ because of the importance of protein in our diets to health and fitness. I wanted people to think of protein as precious because it’s so critical for every part of our body, not just our muscles, but our heart and other organs, as well as our bones, ligaments, hair, teeth, and nails.

Our lives are so busy and so upended these days by the pandemic. It’s more important than ever that we take care of ourselves and stay fit and healthy. It’s not that easy to make sure we consume the daily protein requirement from our meals so Precious Protein+ fills that gap.

How Important was making Precious Protein+ delicious?

Super important. And it’s another reason why mocha-flavored Precious Protein+ is so popular. It really is delicious, and that was of prime importance to us. As nutritious as a supplement can be, if it isn’t tasty, we knew it would sit on the shelf. We went through a lot of taste tests for Precious Protein+ and the mocha flavor beat all.

You can blend it with water or with your favorite milk (soy, almond…) for a creamy shake. Or you can stir it in iced coffee or mix it with yogurt or in cereal. You can substitute Precious Protein+ for a meal, if you are watching your weight, or drink it as a quick energy pick me up between meals or before or after the gym.

Precious Protein+ has done wonders for me and for countless women in Japan. It is my great pleasure to be able to offer Precious Protein+ to women in the US through Nino Beauty. We look forward to hearing from you how it has benefitted you!!

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