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Precious Protein+ / A Diet Success Story

Precious Protein+ / A Diet Success Story

We are so excited to share a dieting success story from Yasuko, a mom in her forties, who gives full credit for her weight loss to Precious Protein+.

Yasuko: I gave birth to my children when I was 35 and 39 and gained weight with each pregnancy. I tried various diets, such as skipping carbohydrates, power walking, etc., but they were too hard to sustain, and I couldn’t get the effect I wanted, so I kept rebounding.

I started drinking Precious Protein+ when I saw it highlighted in a popular Japanese magazine as a delicious protein supplement.

Coincidentally, I had just started the 16-hour fasting diet a week before and was beginning to find it as challenging as the other diets I tried. It was nearly impossible for me to avoid binge eating at the end of the fast.

Miraculously, and I realize that sounds over the top, but, when I started drinking Precious Protein+ to break the fast at the 16 hour mark, everything changed.

First of all, Precious Protein+ is a delicious mocha flavored shake so I was able enjoy something filling and healthy right away. Secondly, it left me feeling full so I was able to continue my diet for the rest of the day without the stress caused by hunger.

As a result, I lost 2 pounds every week, and in three months I lost 24 pounds!

Thanks, Yasuko, for sharing your story!
Like Yasuko, you can incorporate Precious Protein+ into a diet plan like the 16-hour fasting diet or, as other successful dieters have reported, substitute Precious Protein+ for a meal or as an easy way to avoid those high calorie snacks.

“What is the 16-hour fasting diet?”
(note: if you have health concerns, please consult with your doctor or health professional before starting any new diet)

Intermittent fasting has become a popular way of losing weight. There are many versions, but in the 16-hour fasting diet, you only eat within an 8 hour time frame during the day and fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

In other words, if you finish eating dinner by 7, you will fast until 11 am the next morning. You can drink water, coffee or tea, or zero-calorie drinks during the fast. Of course, the diet only works if you eat healthily during the 8 hour eating window.

And that’s why Precious Protein+ is so effective. Delicious, nutritious, and filling, Precious Protein+ gives you an immediate pick me up after your fast so you avoid binge eating and helps keep you on track for healthy eating for the rest of the day.

Precious Protein+ is gluten-free, pea protein-based, and contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is especially high in BCAAs.
So whether you are dieting or simply wanting to stay healthy and fit, delicious mocha-flavored Precious Protein+ is the perfect choice!

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