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Precious Protein+ (1 box 30 pcs)


Designed to Keep your Body Healthy and Young

Delicious mocha-flavored Precious Protein+ contains three key all-natural ingredients – pure pea protein, polyphenol extracted from organic sweet potatoes, and Japanese bonito elastin – that support balanced nutrition, help build muscle, and keep the skin radiant and firm.

Three Pluses in This New Protein Drink
1. Pea Protein which works gently for body.
2. Polyphemin as unique polyphenols which break down and burn fat.
3. Elastin to give your skin firmness.


Size: 450g



BODY BEAUTIFUL 21 for Health and Beauty

Designed to keep your body healthy and young, Precious Protein+ is a carefully formulated daily protein supplement that is low in calories, but high in protein and iron.

Although our bodies depend on protein to build and repair tissue and make enzymes and hormones and other body chemicals, many of us aren’t getting sufficient protein in our daily diet. We see lots of protein powders on the market for body builders and athletes that aren’t designed for those of us, young and young at heart, who are simply looking to stay fit and healthy.

Precious Protein+ is a gluten-free, pea protein-based powder that contains all 9 essential amino acids and is especially high in BCAAs. Regular use will support balanced nutrition, help build muscle, and may also aid in weight loss, toning, and keeping the skin radiant and firm. Since hair, nails, bones, and teeth are primarily made of protein, you may see improvement in these areas, as well.

Simply mix Precious Protein+ with water or with soy or almond milk and enjoy a delicious, easy to drink protein shake that is easy on the body and that will give you that extra energy boost. It is also delicious with cereal, yogurt or in ice coffee. Precious Protein+ comes packaged in 30 single servings for convenience for home or for taking to work or the gym.


Supplement Fact

Precious Protein+ for Beautiful Body Helps Build Muscle.
Protein is an important nutrition to make healthy and beautiful body. Not only muscle but also skin, nail, hair, and even enzymes which have important roles in human body, are composed of proteins. But we are very busy in modern society and tend to lack good quality proteins in every day meal. Then the plant derived protein powder, Precious Protein+ has been created to make up for it easily and deliciously. To keep your body healthy and young, to make your skin radiant, we suggest a new protein regimen which is easy to start for anyone and everyone.

(1) Serving Size 1 packet (15g/0.5oz)
(2) Serving per container 30 pcs
(3) Amount per serving
(4) Calories 56.1 kcal
(5) Total Fat 0.86g
(6) Sodium 183mg
(7) Total Carbohydrate 3.8g
(8) Protein (Pea Protein Isolate) 8.3g



Cod liver oil, gelatin, water, and glycerin

Other ingredients

Instant coffee
Skimmed milk powder
Calcium 3-Hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate monohydrate
Sweet potato Leaf Stem Extract
Fish Elastin (Bonito)


How to use

Suggested Use: Mix 1 packet into your favorite beverage such as almond milk, soy milk or water once daily as a dietary supplement.

Made for adult useage, not recommended for children. If you have a medical condition or take prescription medications or are pregnant or nursing please consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Allergen Warning: Contains Fish (Bonita) and Milk ingredient.



This product is the perfect mid-morning pick me up.  After a light breakfast, I'm usually hungry before lunchtime rolls around and love the energy lift I get from this delicious tasting shake.  Usually, I can't make myself drink protein powders, but I actually enjoy and look forward to this delicious, coffee flavored drink that I know is giving my body key nutrients it needs, particularly as I get older.   by Anne, Santa Fe, NM

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