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“Enisie” is a unique word whose sound is derived from the sound of the Japanese word “enishi,” which means ‘bond,’ ‘fate,’ ‘strong emotional ties,’ or ‘destiny.’

In Japan we use the expression ‘red tie’ when we have a strong connection with someone or something. Our brand “Enisie” is designed to express ‘red tie,’ with the hope that our products will connect with you.

Our packaging has red inside the box as our ‘red tie’ message to you. The mirror design on our package represents our hope that our mirror will reflect your glowing, bright future.

We hope that together we will bring beauty to the world.



Makoto Okumura CEO

ENISIE founder, Makoto Okumura’s extensive research on how best to reinvigorate skin cells stemmed from his concern that people were still not seeing results even after spending a small fortune on cosmetics and skincare products. He focused his research on the importance of ‘self-sustainability,’ recognizing that skin has to be healthy and in proper condition to maximize the benefits of cosmetics. He discovered the remarkable qualities of CO2 in promoting skin re-oxygenation which led to the creation of Glow Pack, ENISIE’s signature product. Our philosophy is “Love Presents.” We are determined to pass along our love to all of the people who are connected with us. This philosophy has been our promise since we started our company. We believe there are many ways to find love in your life – from the excitement of discovering a new product, the feeling of seeing your skin become healthier, to the trust you feel when you are connected with someone. Each of our staff has a mission to deliver love to all of our customers. Some people might feel shy to say “Love Presents” so boldly, but we believe that this is our mission and lifework. We promise to develop our connections with you with a sincere heart and extend our love with our innovative products.

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