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Nourish and rehydrate your skin with LOQZIN Z BIOME GEL, the skin rejuvenating, moisturizing all-in-one gel from MBeauté. This patented formula, a bio-metabolite repair system made from Japanese biwa, starts to work immediately to restore balance to the skin’s microbiome for healthier-looking skin.
Biwa fruit, or loquat, is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. By harvesting the fruit, leaves, and stems of the Okinawan loquat and using an advanced fermentation technology to extract the bio-metabolites that help balance the skin’s flora, the result is a vegan, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free serum that helps erase the impact that stress and age and environmental damage can cause on our skin.

LOQZIN Z BIOME GEL is rich in loquat extract, French medicinal plants, and high-quality herbal ingredients and has no harsh chemicals or solvents. The loquat is harvested at the full moon, in recognition of lunar properties, and all organic additives are collected in alignment with lunar phases, ensuring their efficacy in providing maximum, scientifically-proven benefits.
By promoting collagen synthesis and increasing skin elasticity, LOQZIN Z BIOME GEL helps restore a youthful, radiant glow to your skin. By calming inflammation and soothing irritated skin, LOQZIN Z BIOME GEL keeps skin toned, healthy, and refreshed and alleviates redness and discoloration.
For daily use on your face and neck, hands, or any other area that needs extra moisturizing.
For all skin types.


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