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Introducing Chiyoko Kusakabe, Aromatherapist and Creator of LA NUIT DOUCE: Frankincense and Essential Oils

Introducing Chiyoko Kusakabe, Aromatherapist and Creator of LA NUIT DOUCE: Frankincense and Essential Oils

Nino Beauty recently held our first Open House at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon to showcase our collection. Our guests had the opportunity to sample LA NUIT DOUCE’s Frankincense oils, in addition to our moisturizers, CO2 facial mask, teas, and protein and diet supplements.

The LA NUIT DOUCE Overnight Renewal (Esperance) and Fresh Start (Bonheur) oils made a big impression. While our guests were all familiar with Frankincense, this was everyone’s first opportunity to sample two extraordinary Frankincense oil blends.

We asked Chiyoko Kusakabe, creator of LA NUIT DOUCE and leading Japanese aromatherapist, how she got started.

“I became interested in aromatherapy in the late 70s after reading a book written by Jean Valnet, the father of aromatherapy, entitled ‘The Future is Nature, not Science.’ I was captivated by the title and the philosophy behind it. The idea that human health problems could be improved by the power of plants became a guiding principle for me. I decided to go to France to meet Madame Tiphaigne, who succeeded Valnet, and began studying aromatherapy with her.

Some years later, back in Japan, I was given a bottle of Frankincense beauty oil that was made in Oman, known for its premium quality Frankincense. I was enchanted with its soothing, balsamic scent and its therapeutic and restorative properties. One day I happened to meet the Omani Ambassador to Japan, and he encouraged me to go to Oman.

The Ambassador helped arrange my trip so that I would have the chance to see how their highly valued Frankincense is gathered and distilled. Traveling to the desert, I saw for myself how carefully this essential oil is produced and why it has been prized for thousands of years. That experience inspired me to create LA NUIT DOUCE. Our Frankincense oils blends have a beautiful, mystic perfume and restorative properties for healthy skin and beauty. We use only essential oils extracted from organic plants.

I chose the name LA NUIT DOUCE because it means silent night, a vital factor for beauty dating from the days of Cleopatra. After a stressful day it’s important to relieve your soul and comfort your skin. That is the essence of our Overnight Renewal (Esperance) Oil. Frankincense is also known for its anti-aging properties, and that is behind the creation of our Fresh Start (Bonheur) Oil. I am delighted to offer both through Nino Beauty.”

LA NUIT DOUCE’s Fresh Start (Bonheur) Oil is designed for a fresh morning start. Frankincense is known for its anti-aging properties, and Bonheur revitalizes and tones your skin, restoring resilience and vitality.

LA NUIT DOUCE’s Overnight Renewal (Esperance) Oil is designed for evening use, moisturizing and texturizing your skin and promoting elasticity. Frankincense oil’s calming fragrance has a natural ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

To find out more about these remarkable oils, please visit LA NUIT DOUCE

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