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In an interview in the August issue of OCEANS magazine, entertainer and bodybuilder Kinnikun Nakayama stresses the importance of protein as a daily dietary supplement and includes Precious Protein+ in his top five favorites.

Nakayama went to Los Angeles in 2006 where he studied exercise physiology and graduated from Santa Monica College. He went on to become a body builder, winning the 29th Tokyo Novice Bodybuilding Championships in the over 75kg category.

“Few people get enough protein from their daily diet. Protein, which is easy to get, is an important dietary supplement for modern people.”

That’s what Mr. Nakayama, an entertainer who is also active as a bodybuilder, says. He began drinking protein when he was 17 years old and starting bodybuilding and has tried various brands ever since.

What do hardcore enthusiasts look for when choosing a protein supplement?

“The most important thing is the absorption rate, because no matter how expensive, high-protein protein is, it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t reach the muscles.”

Supplements containing proteins with a high absorption rate and lactic acid bacteria that regulate the intestinal environment and support protein absorption are the most beneficial.

Amino acids are also a factor in choosing a supplement. All nine essential amino acids are necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Supplements with naturally-derived, not artificial, sweeteners have a more natural taste.

Precious Protein Plus is a pea protein rich in L-arginine, an amino acid that is important for muscle composition. HMB, which promotes muscle recovery and maintenance, also supports body building.

It also contains polyphemin, which helps break down and burn fat, and elastin, which gives elasticity to the skin, making it ideal for diet and beauty.

BODY BEAUTIFUL 21, sold in Japan as Precious Protein+, is one of Nino Beauty’s most popular products, and it is easy to see why. Delicious mocha-flavored BODY BEAUTIFUL 21 contains three key all-natural ingredients – pure pea protein, polyphenol extracted from organic sweet potatoes, and Japanese bonito elastin – that support balanced nutrition, help build muscle, and keep the skin radiant and firm.

Carefully formulated to be low in calories, but high in protein and iron, BODY BEAUTIFUL 21 is designed for those of us, young and young at heart, who are simply looking to stay fit – but we are delighted to have a body builder’s endorsement!

Boost your protein and get your body in summer shape with BODY BEAUTIFUL 21!

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