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In “Discovering Beauty in Japan,” the prestigious Japanese beauty magazine Bi-St singles out the Enisie Glow Pack CO2 facial mask as one of the top examples of today’s exceptional Japanese beauty products. The article attributes the world wide attention that Japanese beauty products garner these days to Japanese technology, noting that Japanese technology is clean and safe and that the skincare products are reliable and effective.

Nino Beauty agrees. In fact, we think that the Enisie Glow Pack epitomizes today’s J-Beauty.

Well-known in Japan as a “non-surgical facial mask that gives plastic surgery facelift results,” the Enisie Glow Pack, has transdermal, high-concentrate carbon dioxide (CO2) that stimulates oxygenation of the skin.



Nino Beauty is delighted to offer the Enisie Glow Pack as part of our specially curated line of innovative Japanese skincare products.

Enjoy the benefits of an esthetic salon facial at home!

Let’s hear from Nino Beauty President Yoko Riesen on why the Enisie Glow Pack CO2 facial mask is her favorite skincare product.


A few years ago, I was asked to oversee training for the contestants of a Japanese beauty contest. I held a facial yoga class as part of the training. The benefits of facial yoga are that your face line gets tighter, your eyes open wider, your double chin disappears, and your cheeks lift up. These amazing results are due in large part to increased blood circulation in your face – much the same as after a full body workout.

I’ve heard that most people, when speaking English, use only 50-60% of their facial muscles. Interestingly, most people, when speaking Japanese, use only 20%.

When you don’t use your muscles, your blood, which delivers oxygen and nutrition to your cells, doesn’t circulate enough. Subsequently, your cells don’t get enough oxygen and nutrition.

Scientists in the field of cosmetic dermatology have utilized ‘carbon dioxide therapy’ to counter that lack of oxygen. Simply put, they found that by applying carbon dioxide facial masks to your skin, your body responds by circulating more blood to the area and delivering more oxygen to the cells in your face. The effect of this therapy is called the Bohr Effect.


Results include:
A reduction in dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
An increase in hydration that recaptures the skin’s youthful glow

Five years ago, when I first discovered and applied the Enisie Glow Pack, I literally felt the blood circulation in my face improve and my face line get visibly tighter. I could also tell that my skin became much smoother and that the dark circles under my eyes disappeared. Best of all, I noticed that my skin did have a more youthful glow.

Ever since, I have raved about the benefits of the Enisie Glow Pack CO2 facial mask. It has become my number one ‘can’t do without’ skincare product.

Now I am thrilled that the Enisie Glow Pack is available to our Nino Beauty American clientele. We look forward to hearing how it has transformed your beauty routine!

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