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EdoBio Nighttime Relax Tea – Tisana

Relax Flow is an herbal tea, or tisana, designed to be enjoyed in the evening to relieve the stresses of the day. The tea blend is a relaxing mix of herbs, including lemon verbena, lemon grass, chamomile, calendula, elder flower, rosehip, rose petals, dandelion, and rooibos, as well as Japanese specialties, including blueberry leaves from Miyazaki Prefecture and ‘genmai’ brown rice from Fukuoka Prefecture.

The tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold and does not contain any artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives.

Size: 40 g



For relaxing after a hard day and delicious meal

NOTE: Since these teas contain a variety of herbs, please store away from direct sunlight and out of reach of small children. Please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have allergies or are currently on medication, or if you have an allergic reaction. The tea has been manufactured in a facility that also processes soybeans, sesame seeds, gelatin, apples, and oranges.


Genmai (Brown Rice) Tea with special Herbs

Blueberry Leaves (Japan), Rooibos, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, Dandelion, Elder Flower, Rosehip, Rose Petals, Genmai (Brown Rice), Chamomile, Calendula

How to use


Put 1 - 2 teaspoons of green tea in a tea pot and add boiling water. Brew for 1-2 minutes and Enjoy.
(Please be sure to use boiling water for the full flavor and benefits of the active ingredients).

Iced Tea

1 tablespoon of tea leaves for every 4 cups of water. (*We recommend using mineral or filtered water at room temperature or chilled).
Leave in the refrigerator for 1 - 3 hours. For full flavor and benefits of the herbal extracts, let tea brew slowly over a substantial amount of time.

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