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Yoko’s Story

Tokyo, Japan
January 12th, 2021

The journey to my partnership with Rikki on Nino Beauty started in my childhood as my parents owned a company that created displays for the retail cosmetic industry. In Japan, there are two big promotional events for cosmetics each year, and around that time my sister and I joined other workers on the factory floor. As a reward, we would get to play with the sample cosmetics we received!

In early adulthood, I worked in PR, then product licensing and contract negotiations in such sectors as IT. However, I soon encountered obstacles as a working mother in Japan. I obtained a law degree to open up new opportunities for myself, but found that too many doors still remained closed to a woman like me in Japan — no matter what her qualifications! This led to my experiencing horrible burnout and I had to make a change. I began to explore some of my other interests in areas such health and fitness by opening my own fitness studio. To raise the profile of my studio, I entered a “Mrs Japan” beauty contest and was shocked when I became a finalist! This greatly boosted my confidence and allowed me to develop new connections in the world of beauty.


Perhaps it was inevitable that I would find my way back to the beauty industry given my early background. But I returned to it with more life experience and a more mature understanding that beauty is all about confidence. It doesn’t matter how other people see you; the only thing that is important is how you view yourself. When you feel your best, you are more confident — and empowered! I am thrilled to be partnered with Rikki, who shares this important view.


When Rikki approached me about launching Nino Beauty, I had relocated to the U.S., where I was drawing on my marketing and legal background to assist smaller Japanese companies in the beauty and health sector.


Rikki brought a wealth of experience and connections in the Japanese beauty industry that perfectly complemented what I was doing. As Rikki stated, we make for a perfect team with a shared outlook! Together, we are bringing wonderful new products to help American women feel and look their best.


As a Japanese woman, I’m also proud that we are raising the profile of Japan. Given the uniqueness of Japanese culture and language, usually only the largest companies have the resources to sell overseas, even though most Japanese beauty brands come from small to medium sized companies. Thanks to Nino Beauty, smaller companies like the ones that produce the special offerings in the Nino Beauty collection also have a chance to introduce their products to new consumers!


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