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VOGUE Italy Features J-Beauty and the EDOBIO Moisturizing Cleansing Bar

Tokyo, Japan
April 2nd, 2021

Calling Japanese beauty products the ‘new beauty mania’ in the latest issue, VOGUE Italy says that today’s J-Beauty products reflect the style of ultracool young Japanese women with impeccable taste.


Misaki Yamashita, a beauty journalist and editor, is quoted, “When it comes to beauty, the motto in Japan today is ‘gentleness.’ Kindness to your skin and maximum care at each step of your skincare routine… a soft approach aimed at obtaining a fresh, natural, innocent look.”

The article goes on to say that the secret to J-Beauty products is their quality, high standards, and top formulations using advanced technology and traditional Japanese natural ingredients.

The EDOBIO moisturizing cleansing bar is one of the select Japanese products featured in VOGUE Italy. “Inspired by the beauty rituals of the Edo era in Japan, the dermo cosmetic formula of EDOBIO uses modern biotechnology to stimulate cell regeneration. EDOBIO is a delicate soap infused with lactic acid to gently cleanse the face and body.”


Nino Beauty is pleased to offer the EDOBIO moisturizing cleansing bar to an American clientele.


As highlighted in the VOGUE Italy article, EDOBIO skincare integrates cutting-edge Japanese technology with timeless ingredients to optimize the skin’s natural abilities to renew and refresh. With essential oils and a patented probiotic, EDOBIO cleansing bars are filled with moisturizing elements and are mild enough for sensitive skin with no preservatives to enhance color or fragrance.


Our EDOBIO STARTING SET comes with a 70-gram moisturizing cleansing bar, beautifully packaged in a traditional Japanese wooden sake box; a facial net specially designed to enhance concentrated ‘soufflé’ foaming; and a soap dish made from diatomaceous earth that absorbs and preserves the cleansing bar.

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