Air Queen Nanofiber KF94 Filter Mask at Nino Beauty Special Sale💕


Tokyo, Japan
July 22nd, 2021

Under ‘Beauty Buys That Will Give You a Seasonal Glow,’ VOGUE RETAIL: Beauty and Wellness (July 2) features EDOBIO’s new SAKETERNAL Serum.


“This double-layered serum from Edobio contains a high-level of lactobacillus fermented sake lees, a unique ingredient from Japan, as well as a blend of plant ingredients including blueberry leaf and sweet potato root. This single hydrating with moisture serum provides comprehensive skincare for all skin types.”


Nino Beauty is pleased to offer EDOBIO’s new SAKETERNAL line, which is part of its ongoing commitment to combine the latest biotechnology with the best of traditional Japanese natural ingredients in creating beauty products of the highest quality.

Highly effective and anti-aging, the SAKETERNAL series also includes a refreshing moisturizing toner and a clarifying mask treatment to promote brighter, clearer skin and overall skincare.


Nino Beauty is offering a special introductory SAKETERNAL Skincare Starter Kit so that our American clientele can try this extraordinary new line. Keep your skin looking its best this summer!

>> SAKETERNAL Skincare Starter Kit
>> Intensive Hydration Serum
>> Booster Mask for Radiant Skin
>> Fresh Balancing Toner

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