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Special Spring Promotion: Air Queen Nano Fiber Mask

Tokyo, Japan
April 30th, 2021

With face masks the new normal and spring pollen in the air, FDA-approved Air Queen KF94 Nanofiber masks have never been more popular or more essential.
And to keep your mask clean and comfortable? Edobio’s Aroma Floreeze Spray. With a proprietary blend of Japanese green tea extract, essential lavender and tea tree oils, and lactic acid bacteria, Aroma Floreeze Spray sanitizes your mask and leaves your face feeling fresh all day.
The perfect combination for Spring – Air Queen masks that are paper-light and designed for all-day comfort and lightly scented probiotic Aroma Floreeze Spray to clean and refresh.

air queen

Nino Beauty is pleased to offer Edobio’s Aroma Floreeze Spray as a special bonus gift with your purchase of 50 Air Queen Nanofiber masks. (a $20 savings)


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