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Rikki Ninomiya’s Story

Tokyo, Japan
November 9th, 2020

Rikki’s Story:


When I first arrived in Japan from Oregon, years ago, I immediately noticed how beautifully Japanese women maintained their skin. Back in those days, I didn’t think twice about sunbathing for hours or consider the effects that had on my skin. I quickly gained an appreciation for J-Beauty and for the value placed on the use of natural ingredients for that healthy, youthful look. That was the start of my commitment to good skincare, both personally and professionally.


Over my 20 years in Japan as a leading importer and distributor of high-end, niche-brand American and European cosmetics, including jane iredale and RevitaLash, I closely followed the growth and increasing sophistication of the Japanese cosmetics industry.


I was fascinated to see how Japanese cosmetics companies started integrating Japanese traditional, natural ingredients with cutting-edge scientific research to develop incredibly effective skincare products. When I tried them, I was impressed – my skin felt better and looked better. I shared these products with my staff, and they were equally impressed. It was a natural decision to want to share these innovative Japanese products with an American clientele.


WWD Japan Online News
The Distributor of jane iredale has launched a new company in America
To Introduce and Import for Sales J-Beauty to Americans.

With my knowledge of the Japanese cosmetics industry and my credibility within it, I knew I could continue to identify niche-brand products that met my high standards and negotiate distribution rights. What I needed was a partner in the United States with knowledge of the industry who shared the same high standards. That’s where Yoko comes in!


I met Yoko Riesen at an annual gala fundraiser for a famous art museum in Tokyo. She has a background in law, public relations, and business, and we discovered that we both have professional and personal interests in Japanese cosmetics and beauty products. We stayed in touch, even after she and her American husband and daughter decided to move from Tokyo to the United States. Whenever Yoko returned for visits to Japan, we’d meet and talk about business projects and future plans. What impressed me most about Yoko was her charm and determination and her deep knowledge of the Japanese cosmetics industry.

So when I decided to start Nino Beauty, I immediately contacted Yoko, and she was as excited as I was. Me, Rikki, an American woman in Tokyo, and Yoko, a Japanese woman in Santa Monica — the perfect team for Nino Beauty given our shared expertise and the fact that we both have a keen eye for innovative, luxury skincare and beauty products with proven results.

Yoko and I are delighted to present this specially curated Nino Beauty line of innovative, niche-brand Japanese beauty products that epitomize the essence of today’s J-Beauty.


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