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Kudos Galore for Precious Protein+ (part two 2020-2021)

Tokyo, Japan
April 15th, 2021

Spur March 2020 (Get an Athlete’s Body in 6 Months)
The last spurt is to refine your beautifully toned body and make it healthier from the inside out. Low calorie and with elastin, Precious Protein+ is the protein supplement for women who care about beauty and want to build muscle and look toned.


VOGUE March 2020 (How to Take Care of Your Skin)
If you are not confident about your diet given your busy life, you can make good use of daily protein supplements like Precious Protein+. Focus on amino acids which are necessary for building muscles, skin, and hair, and also for elasticity.


ku:nel May 2020 (25 Beauty Keywords Selected by Beauty Professionals)
Our Keyword #5 is “High Protein.” High protein foods and supplements like Precious Protein+ nourish your skin, hair, and nails. “I recommend it as a breakfast or beauty snack because it makes you feel full.”


croissant No.1020 May 2020 (Supplements That Care for the Body from the Inside Out)
A plant-based protein is recommended for beauty and health. Protein supplements make hair and nails stronger, too. Precious Protein+ is a plant-based protein powder supplement. The main ingredient is the much-talked-about pea protein, and it also contains polyphemin which works against triglycerides, and elastin which gives elasticity.


VoCE July 2020 (How to Build a Beautiful Body for the Summer)
Beauty writer Ms. Anazawa recommends Precious Protein+ for women because it blends protein with polyphenols that break and burn fat and elastin that makes the skin firm and supple. ‘I love the mocha flavor because it’s easy to drink and not artificial tasting like other protein drinks.”


CROSTYLE No.65 Summer 2020
Help boost your beauty with new habits and get a beautiful body with low-calorie plant-based protein. Precious Protein+ contains high-quality, low-calorie pea protein, polyphemin, a polyphenol extracted from sweet potatoes, and elastin, a protein derived from bonito. This is the perfect beauty protein for women who want to maintain their health and beauty. Easy to dissolve in water and with ‘easy to carry’ individual packaging, Precious Protein+ supports protein supplementation even on the go.


otona MUSE vol.85 August 2020 (Special Items to Help You Make It Through the Lockdown)
Precious Protein+ increases metabolism efficiently and wisely to help you lose the weight you gained during the pandemic. Ms. Arai, a phytotherapist and beauty editor, recommends incorporating plant-based protein in your diet. Pea protein based Precious Protein+ contains polyphenols, which burn and break down fat, and elastin which makes the skin firm and supple.


If you’re aiming for true healthy beauty, focus on three key ingredients – pea protein, polyphemin, and elastin. Precious Protein+ has all three and tastes great. Whether you are working out every day or not, protein supplements help make your body healthy, supple, and beautiful. Make it a daily regimen to nourish your body in a delicious way for beauty and health.


NON-NO January 2021
Is the secret to radiant skin thanks to something you take every day? Precious Protein+ is a pea protein with great beauty results, the nutrients women need, and a delicious mocha flavor.


STORY February 2021 (Start Your Beauty Regimen with Protein to Tone Your Body)
Precious Protein+ is perfect for women in their 40s to boost metabolism, beautify skin, and, above all, lose weight.


NON-NO March 2021
In a survey of 50 trend-conscious models, editors, and influencers, Precious Protein+ makes the top 21 list of fun and fashionable food and beauty ‘must-haves’ for weight loss and beauty.


MAQUIA April 2021 (Beauty of the Skin Issue)
Beauty grows from the inside out. Beauty professionals recommend Precious Protein+ for beautiful skin.


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