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Kudos Galore for Precious Protein+ (part one 2019-2020)

Tokyo, Japan
April 9th, 2021

FIGARO November 2019 (10 Things to Cover Your Entire Body with Charm)
Feeling good about your mental and physical well-being creates an aura of attractiveness and sex appeal. For your physical well-being, you need flexible, functional muscles. You need to exercise moderately and supplement your diet with good quality protein. Protein is also an essential nutrient for weight control and beautiful skin. Pea protein-based Precious Protein+ helps boost metabolism and firm skin.


VERY November 2019
More and more mothers are recognizing the importance of protein. “I started drinking Precious Protein+ for physical fitness, but it also helped me become more beautiful.”
Precious Protein+ has a delicious mocha flavor, and its main ingredient is pea protein.


VoCE December 2019 (Inner Beauty Column)
Let’s start drinking protein for a beautiful body and beautiful skin. Even if you are trying to gain muscle mass for a beautiful body, it won’t be efficient if you are lacking in protein. This is also true for beautiful skin. The right answer is including high-quality protein in your diet or through supplements. Delicious Precious Protein+ is a low calorie, plant-based supplement made with pea protein.


BITEKI December 2019 (Editor’s Recommendation)
Precious Protein+ is a new protein supplement that helps build your body. It is plant based, and its main ingredient is pea protein. The mocha flavor was created to be tasty and appealing to women. Individually packaged, Precious Protein+ can be mixed with cereal or blended for a drink.


ar December 2019 (48 Things to Keep You Sexy)
You can keep your sexy body and skin with Precious Protein+. Its mocha flavor is delicious.


kiitos Healty and Beauty Magazine 15 (Hello, PROTEIN)
Although people tend to think protein is for athletes and body builders, lots of people drink protein supplements for diet and health. There are more organic, plant-based products available now, which are especially beneficial for women, like Precious Protein+. If you have never tried a protein supplement before, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.


WWD BEAUTY vol.578 December 2019 (Best Cosmetics End of the Year Awards)
Precious Protein+ takes third place in the inner care category. Derived from pea protein, Precious Protein+ can help you achieve your total beauty health. Not only does it help you get a beautiful body through nutrition and weight management, but it also contains luxurious ingredients that lead to beautiful skin. A protein powder that is perfect for today’s busy women.


LEE January 2020 (Best Beauty Products of 2019)
Precious Protein+ is a plant-based protein supplement that’s ideal for dieting. Moreover, it’s delicious. It comes individually packaged and is so tasty that you can enjoy it daily.


ar January 2020 (The Latest Items to Fill Yourself with Warmth)
Protein supplements increase your basal metabolic rate for a more fuel-efficient body. Precious Protein+ contains polyphenols that increase the efficiency of combustion. The pea protein drink is mocha flavored, making it fun to drink.


Dr.croissant (How to Reduce Visceral Fat)
Because it’s hard to get protein from every meal and because the absorption of nutrients decreases with age, it’s good to take protein supplements like Precious Protein+. The main ingredient is pea protein, which is not allergenic, and it also contains polyphemin from sweet potato stems and leaves, which works against neutral fat, and elastin from bonito, which promotes the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The delicious taste is a plus.


eclat February 2020 (Beauty Items that Beauty Professionals are Obsessed With)
Many beauty professionals drink protein supplements not only for muscle growth, but also for beautiful skin, health and weight loss. Some people stop because they don’t like the taste. We’ve tried many supplements, and we recommend Precious Protein+ because of its great taste. As one Beauty Editor says “It’s mocha flavored and so delicious that you want to drink more. There’s no powdery taste that gets stuck in your throat. It’s plant-based protein and low in calories, which is great for me because I want to lose weight.”


Beauty Hair Catalogue 2020 (The Secret Behind Beautiful Voluminous Hair)
Beauty specialist Chiaki Yoshikawa recommends Precious Protein+. Precious Protein+ is a pea protein supplement combined with polyphemin, which works against neutral fat. Hair is made of protein. If you want voluminous hair, enjoy a daily protein supplement.


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