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INTRODUCING Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge

Tokyo, Japan
July 9th, 2021

Nino Beauty is delighted to offer Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, a refreshing diet supplement, to our American clientele. From the makers of LOQZIN, implementing the same microbiome technology, Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, is designed to increase your natural energy, improve your blood circulation, and strengthen your immune system.


Made with purified extracts of olive, rosemary, and microbiota-rich turmeric imported from Bhutan, Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is processed using an advanced fermentation technology to produce bioactive metabolites that bio-mimic and modulate the gut’s microbiota and production of serotonin.


Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is a natural anti-oxidant that isn’t formulated to add bacteria to your gut microbiome. It is a post-biotic diet supplement that hydrates at the cellular level and helps orchestrate a harmonic balance of bacteria in your gut.


Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge comes packaged in 27 single servings for convenience for home or taking to work or the gym. Simply mix one packet in a large glass of water or 16 oz water bottle and drink within 24 hours. Use daily for best results.

• Boost your natural energy level
• Improve your circulation, and
• Strengthen your immune system

Nino Beauty CEO Rikki Ninomiya is a huge fan of Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge. In next week’s news, Rikki will describe how drinking Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge daily not only gives her energy and supports her gut health– but also helped her lose stubborn belly fat!

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