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Tokyo, Japan
September 5th, 2021

Nino Beauty is pleased to pass along the news that the popular EDOBIO herbal teas Green Tea Slim and Relax Flow are now available in new convenient sachet style tea bags.


Let’s hear more from EDOBIO:
First introduced as a Blended Herbal Tea lifestyle selection, EDOBIO was inspired to create a line of herbal teas to support beauty and health. By offering delectable blends that can be enjoyed morning and night, EDOBIO hopes to inspire daily tea drinking routines that promote overall wellness.


For the morning, Green Tea Slim 40g (20 tea bags) is EDOBIO’s go-to blend for a healthy metabolism and fitness. Ingredients for this innovative blend include nettle leaf, juniper berry, chicory root, and lemongrass, which works to reduce water retention in the body.


Relax Flow 40g (20 tea bags) is the evening companion to this herbal tea duo, meant to be enjoyed at the end of the day to relieve stress and relax the mind. To accomplish this, EDOBIO has combined nine different herbs, including lemon verbena, calendula, elderflower, and rooibos for the ultimate soothing elixir. Both herbal teas are formulated with blueberry leaves and genmai (brown rice) from Fukuoka Prefecture.


The secret behind EDOBIO’s herbal tea blends is a three-principled approach:
Creating delicious blends that please
Combining unique blends of herbs with Japanese tea leaves
Creating a fusion of Western and Eastern tastes to enhance your daily routine


By choosing to focus on these three components, EDOBIO has curated a line of herbal teas exquisitely formulated to holistically support wellness and boost your natural beauty. Additionally, because the brand has emphasized the importance of creating flavorful formulas, the teas can be enjoyed either hot or cold, morning and night, every day of the week. The teas do not contain any artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives.

Enjoy EDOBIO Green Tea Slim and Relax Flow teas in the new sachet tea bags at a special introductory price.

>> HERBAL TEA SET (Tea Bags)

Nino Beauty will continue to offer EDOBIO Green Tea Slim and Relax Flow loose tea through September at a 50% discount.

>> GREEN TEA SLIM (Tea Bags)
>> RELAX FLOW TEA (Tea Bags)

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