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Gut Microbiomes are a Gateway to Better Health BelAge’s Clinical Research Director Explains Why

Tokyo, Japan
August 28th, 2021

Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, a refreshing diet supplement, boosts your natural energy level, improves your circulation, strengthens your immune system, and improves your gut health. Dr Céline Klotz, Clinical Research Director for BelAge & Loqzin, specializes in microbiome research and answers our questions about why that is so important.


1.What are the key points we should know about gut health?

It may not be widely recognized, but gut health is a secret to longevity and happiness. 95% of the body’s serotonin and 50% of the body’s dopamine are produced in the gut. Maintaining a balanced microbiome in your gut leads to balanced hormone production. The production of these hormones reduces cortisol, leading to improved mental health, improved skin texture, weight loss, reduced acne, improved sleep, microcirculation, and many other benefits. In other words, your gut health has a direct effect on your brain and your overall health — the ‘gut-brain-axis.’

2. What are important factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy gut?

To maintain a healthy gut, you must focus on nourishing the gut microbes by consuming metabolites and fiber which feed friendly beneficial microbiota and promote its proliferation. Unlike probiotics, which are unstable in the human gut, metabolites are stable and highly bioavailable. The metabolites, a byproduct of the fermentation of the ingredients in Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge, mimic the same byproduct fermentation by the microbes in a healthy human gut.


3. How does Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge improve your gut health when integrated into a daily diet?

The metabolites in Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge promote quorum sensing (bacteria to bacteria communication) between the microbes in the gut. This promotes gut microbiota modulation and hormone balance. A balanced gut with active quorum sensing leads to increased absorption of the nutrients from the food you eat and improves digestion.

4. How does Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge affect your energy level?

Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge targets the mitochondria, an organelle in our cells that generates energy. The mitochondria turn the energy from food into the energy our cells need to function. Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge activates mitochondrial biogenesis. This is the process by which cells increase mitochondrial numbers, leading to greater glucose uptake by our muscles and increasing our energy.

5. Does Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge help curb appetite and promote weight loss without losing muscle?

Yes. Two of the hormones Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge modulates are ghrelin and leptin. The ghrelin hormone promotes the feeling of hunger, while leptin promotes the feeling of being full. Obese people have been found to have unbalanced gut microbiota and higher levels of ghrelin. Body Beautful 21 by BelAge regulates these hormones by reducing ghrelin production and promoting leptin production. Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge promotes fat burn, especially around the belly, reduces cravings, and increases energy levels which support active lifestyles – without the loss of muscle.


6. What is the best time to drink Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge? Before breakfast? Before the gym? Before dinner?

The best time to drink Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is in the morning before breakfast. Because it balances the gut microbiota, it promotes healthy digestion and alleviates constipation.

7. Is there any artificial color or flavor in Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge?

All colors and flavors used in Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge are from natural sources. Natural stevia is a safe and healthy sugar substitute that sweetens foods without the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. It has associated benefits, as well, including lower calorie intake, blood sugar levels, and risk of cavities.

8. Who was the target consumer in mind when Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge was developed? Will it have the same impact on different bodies?

Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge was created for athletes who want to improve their performance and get more energy, as well as for consumers who want to get in shape and maintain their health. Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge is suitable for everyone at any age.


9. Why are you recommending drinking Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge for 27 days? What is the benefit?

Studies have shown that the full benefit of drinking Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge comes after 27 days of daily consumption. You will probably see an improvement in your energy level, mood, and gut microbiota modulation before then, but to see results, for example, in a reduction of belly fat, we recommend taking Body Beautiful 21 by BelAge for the full 27 days.

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