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Centuries ago, the Japanese women depicted in the art of ukiyo-e kept a beauty secret to their youthful, translucent skin – traditional natural oils and extracts. EDOBIO skincare integrates cutting-edge Japanese biotechnology with those timeless ingredients, optimizing the skin’s natural abilities to renew and refresh. By moisturizing and balancing pH levels, EDOBIO skincare encourages cellular rejuvenation and gently revitalizes your skin.
EDOBIO is committed to the highest standards in developing innovative and environmentally friendly plant-based skincare products. EDOBIO’s skin protection and skin repair cleansing bars are made with premium ingredients and carefully crafted to condition and tone the skin, as well as alleviate dryness and clear up discoloration and blemishes.
In crafting their skincare products, EDOBIO uses a proprietary soil-based probiotic called BiProGE®︎, a carefully researched blend of yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and minerals, together with traditional Japanese essential oils and extracts, including:
Somei Yoshino cherry blossom leaf extract, known for its moisturizing properties; green tea seed extract, also known as camellia oleifera oil, that conditions and tones the skin with its vitamin E and amino acid content; and Ryokucha green tea leaf extract that contains catechins, a natural antioxidant.
EDOBIO’s newest skincare line, Saketernal, is a simple, yet highly effective anti-aging skincare line that combines advanced technology with a traditional Japanese nutrient-rich ingredient handed down for generations – Japanese sake lees and EDOBIO’s proprietary lactic acid bacteria.
The EDOBIO Saketernal series includes a refreshing moisturizing toner, a youth-boosting serum and a clarifying mask treatment to promote brighter, clearer skin and overall skin health.


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